Reimagine your life creatively.

Feeling stuck? Want to reconnect to your creativity? I coach impact-driven creatives. Let’s talk about what coaching can do for you. Book your free 60-minute Discovery Session.

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“Purpose in Work” Group Coaching Program

Many of us go about seeking value in our work and our job searches alone. Imagine being part of a community of like-minded women as you figure out what you value in your life and bring fulfillment to your career. Join me for my pilot group coaching program, “Purpose in Work,” for smart, talented women looking to align their work with purpose and creativity. I will coach and lead members in building accountability, structures, connections to people who will cheer you on. As the pilot group, your feedback and ideas are more than welcomed and valued. It’ll be experimental, it’ll be fun and this will be a meaningful experience for everyone!

To learn more or sign up, email me with your name, number, and best times to contact you in the next two days.


Six-week program with group of 4 women

One 30-min 1-on-1 call with me

Every Tuesday from October 13 to November 17, 2020

12:30 - 2pm PT / 3:30 - 5pm ET (90-minute sessions)

New program starts April 2021.

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What people say about it


It was reaffirming to be in a virtual space with other women going through a similar time of searching, of doubt, with more questions than answers. Jackie balanced the needs and wants of the group with care and helped our group imagine what a starting point for transformation and transition might look like. The group was open, vulnerable, and generous. I can see this work in regular practice having a very positive effect on my life. Thank you, Jackie!



Jackie is a listening ear, an open mind and heart, and a non-judgmental resource with whom you can start to feel like you're progressing. I was open to the idea of a group coaching program, but I didn't know how good it was going to feel to actually start it and to feel like there are so many positive things to come. With the current socio-political environment and job market, it's often hard to stay positive. The space that Jackie created allows you to talk safely and honestly, and not in a way that turns it into a complain-fest or into a fake 'everything is amazing' vibe. Striking that balance of making conversations productive without making it feel like so much work is so critical.



I am glad that I've connected with Jackie. I can tell she really puts effort into getting to know each one of her clients and finding a way to reach them. Jackie also seems to be passionate about finding Purpose, and that resonates with me a lot. I also like Jackie's coaching style, it is suggestive and supportive. By asking the right questions, Jackie activates your brain making it answering and finding solutions. Jackie also explains each step of the coaching and helps you to set up goals for each session. Very pleasant experience. I'd recommend Jackie to anyone who needs guidance in terms of finding themselves, their passions, and possible future career.




Before working with Jackie, I was paralyzed when it came to owning my value in several major aspects of my life, including with my clients. This manifested in even not being able to bill my clients for work I'd performed, leaving me in a tough spot financially. I now have a set process that leads me to billing regularly and on time. I have more confidence when I pitch organizations. Working with Jackie was an exercise in standing up in my own worth. Her gentle but solid process was exactly what I needed at a big moment of transition. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her to anyone ready to make a change in their life and looking for some help setting up guide posts along their new path.



Jackie is a phenomenal coach. In her sessions, she gently guides the conversation towards insight, acting as a true advocate and remaining open and supportive through each session. I not only recommend Jackie, but sing her praises.



Jackie is incredible. She is patient, she listens and she really cares. I would often find myself looking forward to our sessions because I'd have someone to work through things with that had been pressing on my mind. Jackie had a way of being able to see things about me way before I could see them myself. She would then give me the space to let me figure out issues while guiding me when I needed it (and I often needed it). Sometimes the sessions would be difficult as I tried to grapple with something uncomfortable but Jackie would patiently stick with me. She would help me make connections with things we had talked about in previous sessions that I had long forgotten I had shared with her. On top of being a great listener she is also very attentive to body language. Our sessions were over video chat and occasionally Jackie would point out how I composed myself would change drastically depending on what we were talking about. This was something I had no idea I was outwardly communicating and have since been much more attentive to. Jackie took our sessions very seriously and would often spend time, before or after our sessions, compiling information for different subjects I wanted to work on. I also give her full credit for helping me get a job. She will tell you I got myself a job and yes its true I was the one out there applying to jobs BUT I had been trying to apply to jobs for a long time and I couldn't seem to get myself to do it. Jackie gave me the tools I needed to get up and start moving forward with my life. Besides being patient, a great listener, and caring, Jackie is just a wonderful person in general. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a coach. Don't miss out, Jackie will change your life.



Jackie was very kind and patient and was able to help me find clarity that I have been in a cycle of insecurity around feeling not good enough, which has hindered my abilities to communicate my needs. Now that I am aware of this, I am able to work on breaking this cycle through actions that Jackie helped me put in place.



Working with Jackie was a great experience. She truly cares, listens carefully and responds with thought-provoking questions which made me stop and think. The session was not easy but was rewarding and eye-opening and gently forced me to look inward at what may be holding me back. I highly recommend Jackie and her services.



As a fellow coach, I like and appreciate Jackie's approach to coaching. She is warm, open, and welcoming, and her coaching style seemed very similar to my own. The questions she asked were thoughtful, her use of coaching strategies helpful, and her goal-oriented structure helped me clarify my focus to move my search forward.



I felt really respected and valued during my session with Jackie. She really took the time to dive deep with me and get into the why behind some of the things I do that I don't even notice. It's really helped me to recognize when I am getting in my own way and has helped me to move past obstacles on the path to my goals.